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21-Dec-2017 10:56

When the service is running, attempts to compromise your system are logged.

If the attempts exceed the Max Retry limit, the remote IP is blocked from accessing the system for the length of Ban Time.

The System Admin Module allows you to make changes to your Network Settings, DNS, Intrusion Detection System, Notification Settings, and Time Zone.

It also allows you to power off or reboot your system, register a license to use Commercial Modules, and see the usage of your hard drives.

See the usage guide This page allows you to manage system updates for Free PBX Distro or older.

Free PBX Distro based on SNG7 now handles all updates through Module Admin in Free PBXSee the usage guide This page allows you to set up a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

All these ports must be forwarded to your Free PBX System.

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This HOWTO assumes that your Free PBX system is sitting behind a NATed firewall with no direct connection to the outside world and it is NOT in the DMZ zone.Here, you can find your Deployment ID and a list of registered commercial modules.See the usage guide This page provides settings for Dynamic DNS.The System Admin Module allows you to make changes that are related to the operating system that powers your phone system (Cent OS Linux), and is not directly related to any of the other modules.

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It does provide a secure and very limited service to itself and a few other modules, such as the firewall module, to access operating system level functionality such as network level controls.

You should adjust this higher or lower based on the frequency that this changes.